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Building with sandbags is a real alternative to all conventional ways of construction. The quality of sandbag houses is even superior to normal brick, block or adobe houses. Once the house is finished with plaster or a wooden cladding, it looks exactly the same as a conventional house. The comfort of living is even higher in a houses made of sand.

But most convincing is the fact that you save a significant amount of money by using the sandbag technology. And that you reduce the carbon footprint of your house dramaticly by using the unburned and untreated sand as the main construction material.

The use of sandbags is not limited to a specific market segment. The system can be used for all applications from low cost government subsidized housing to the high income market. For housing, industrial or multi-level developments.

You can see that the sandbag technology offers a revolutionary new way of construction. Learn more about it in the Info-Center.