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     Info-Booklet, English (pdf)Infos_files/Sandbag%20House%202.pdf
     Info-Booklet, Russian (pdf)Infos_files/Paper%20Russian.pdf

Advantages of the Sandbag / Ecobeam System

1. Ecological Reasons

  1. -no Energy consumption for burning bricks or producing cement

  2. -a sandbag wall has 95% less CO2 emission than the conventional brick wall

  3. -less transportation: Sand is locally available nearly all over the world

  4. -adobe plaster or a special lime plaster are very environmental friendly

2. Economical Impact

  1. -sandbag construction can be 5-40% ceaper (depending on the local situation)

  2. -the construction rate is very fast, time is money

  3. -the main work can be done by cheap, unskilled labour, or by the owner himself

  4. -foundations usually can be very simple and cost effective

  5. 3. Superior Material Qualities

  6. -a tremendous thermal stability, comparetively good insulation and high thermal mass

  7. -excellent sound absorbing and insulating qualities

  8. -healthy room climate, walls are vapor permeable

  9. -the huge weight makes them wind and water resistant

  10. -walls absorb all kinds of impacts, e.g. bullets or earthquakes

4. Simplicity of Construction

  1. -construction technique can be learned easily within a few days by unskilled labour

  2. -the leight bags can be hadled by one person in all phases of the construction

  3. -all members of the community can participate in the construction process (feeling of identification and ownership)

  4. -construction can take place without road access and without electricity

  5. -unused bags can be removed over night, thereby reducing the incidence of theft

How it Works


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