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Our Services


1. Observation, Documentation, Information

We follow up on the latest developments in sandbag construction and observe all major sandbag projects around the world. On our internet platform we document the rapid growth of this unique and revolutionary new way of building houses. We provide general and specific information to everyone who is interested to use this alternativ to conventional construction, as well as to those who are just curious.

2. Communication, Networking, Contacts

We stay in contact with all companies worldwide that make use of the sandbag technology. On the one hand this network can help clients to find their nearest contractor or supplier of sandbag materials. On the other hand a good communication between all our network partners coordinates a rapid growth of this new construction system. For example with the exchange of lab-test results, Info- and marketing materials or new technical solutions.

3. Consultation, Training, Knowledge Transfer

We aim to establish as many factories and partners as possible all over the world. Together with Ecobuild Technologies from Cape Town we offer a continuous transfer of skills and knowledge. Our partners act as independent entrepreneurs who support a local economy in their region.

To reach this goal, we already practice successfully the following procedure in several countries:

  1. 1.Identify together with international aid organizations and governments thoses countries and regions with a need of housing and where the use of the sandbag techology is reasonable.

  2. 2.In these regions entrepreneurs will be identified with whom a partnership will be formed. Together with Ecobuild Technologies we will assist to find theses partners and build up their business.

  3. 3.A factory, to manufacture Ecobeams and Ecobags required to build the sandbag houses, will be established. We will provide the technical know-how, continuous training and management support.

  4. 4.Creating opportunities for builders/contractors to make use of the sandbag system. We will train builders/contractors to correctly use this new building technology.


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